Business Continuity

What if disaster strikes…?

IT is one of the most important elements of any company. The loss of productivity, databases and information access can in extreme cases lead to the ruin of a company. Non-availability of vital IT systems can bring financial loss as employees and teams rely heavily, or often entirely, on reliable IT system access.

Peace of Mind

The consequences of fire, water damage, theft, extreme power surges, and so on are often underestimated or considered unlikely enough to be concerned with.

Testing of your ability to stay in business if the worst should happen is vital to maintaining a secure and reliable IT system.

Many backup systems do not allow for a complete system recovery in a disaster, we can offer you a professional and cost effective solution to ensure you always stay in business if the worst should happen.

Business Continuity

Continuity management ensures that risks are identified and evaluated for your business and that appropriate precautionary and emergency measures are put in place so that the restart of your IT functions is swift and secure in emergency situations. The planning process is fundamental to the successful restart of IT operations after a disaster.

Reasons include the ever increasing dependence of business on their IT systems, the increasing complexity in processes and infrastructure, the increasing connectivity between partners, customers and staff, and not least by the increasing risks of sabotage, vandalism and even terrorism.

The aims and objectives of our Business Continuity service include:

  • To identify operational risks and weaknesses in the business
  • Estimate the cost to the business in the event of a disaster
  • Develop and establish preventive measures to protect the business
  • Make provisions for the replacement or addition of processes and resources
  • Create and publish emergency plans to restore the IT systems
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of prevention and recovery measures