OH22 Patch-Management

Keeping your systems constantly up to date!

With OH22 PatchManagement you obtain a tool that offers you much more than just a conventional IT Monitoring system.

You have the opportunity to monitor and install security patches automatically – Windows patches as well as patches from other providers.

You are able to identify weak points easily across different sites. With your individual schedule you can route patch installations according to your requirements. Additionally you achieve a reduction of failure risks by consistently closing all security gaps through the automatic update of your software components.


  • vulnerability assessment
  • support of MS Windows and MS Office applications
  • support of third party applications like Adobe Reader, Firefox, Chrome, Flash, Java Runtime, etc.
  • automatic scheduling of patch installation
  • detailed control options
  • patch installation reporting
  • easy to use dashboard
  • email and sms notifications in case of failure
  • remote maintenance option
  • connection with your ticket system through Email interface or API possible

Advantages for you:

  • avoid vulnerabilities
  • high stability and reliability of your IT infrastructure
  • support of different language versions
  • individual patch groups
  • saves resources through the use of automation