Play it safe with OH22!

In faithful collaboration with our customers we develop sustainable business continuity concepts. In this context we offer you the opportunity to set up a colocation to operate your company critical applications highly available in our data center.

Clients who want to operate their own hardware in a high-performance data center OH22 offer tailor made housing services.

In accordance with the requirements on security we can provide you as much space as you need – from individual height units up to complete cabinet solutions.

On premises BaFin audits take place regularly and be passed without any complaints.

Maximum availability of all data we ensure in our data center by an optimized framework like air condition, fire protection, uninterruptible power supply (USV) and a redundant connection with 622Mbit (STM-4).

Strict access controls, authentication and a 24/7 camera monitoring are a matter of course for us. With our detailed monitoring system our technicians have all your systems in view to be able to react at any time when support is needed.