OH22 IT HealthCheck

– making IT your strength!

With our IT HealthCheck we analyse all relevant and company-critical elements of your IT structure from a bird’s eye-view:

architecture, technologies, staffing, sourcing, costs, risks, processes & organisation, project management, security, compliance and strategy.

The IT Health Check is our answer, if you need to get a quick overview of the performance and efficiency of your in-house IT. We assess your costs in relation to the performance. We bring our whole experience and knowledge to optimize your IT infrastructure / landscape and expose all potential risks.

By pros – for pros!

Did your requirements change and now you hesitate about your IT organization an if it can meet these requirements? Does your IT organisation need to be more transparent – especially regarding costs?

Since 1991 we have served companies from different industries and different sizes. Because of our long-term and wide spread know how we know what expenses are justified and what effects can be achieved by implementing new technologies. We will support you in planning your IT resources cost effectively!

We deliver a Health Check report, which is individual to your company and it’s particular needs. It contains information about risks and how you can leverage untapped potential.

Optimizing your costs

Do you have the feeling that your IT expenses are too high and the maintenance and operating costs are inefficient? Nowadays there are many opportunities to lower your costs without affecting the performance / efficiency.

As part of the OH22 IT HealthCheck we look at your IT costs and check if they are market-standard or not. Additionally we compare them with best practice solutions. We help you to understand your costs better and show you how to lower them substantially.

Minimize your risks

Is your IT well-positioned or are there hidden risks which can cause you problems in the future or even end up in a catastrophe? Making mistakes regarding IT Security, software licensing deficiencies, problems with your data security, outdated documentation, insufficient transparency or faulty processes can threaten the existence of the company if they go unrecognized and don’t get eliminated.

Be prepared for the future!

It’s our job to quickly and reliably identify problems and areas where activity is needed and analyze them in greater detail.

Our Health Check points out urgent areas of action in your IT infrastructure and shows you where everything is already in the “green area”. We advise you about new technologies and help you to make the most effective use of your infrastructure.

Process and methods


Documentation screening

IT-Systems can be highly complex and you won’t be able to administrate them efficiently without detailed and current documentation. If these materials are applicable we are able to draw very effective conclusions out of it. To find out that there are none or only insufficient materials is also a key finding!

Asking your IT staff

By posing targeted questions and involving the IT staff we can quickly draw an exact picture of the current situation. Thereby the focus will be on the subjective perception of your IT employees in terms of their workload, flow of processes as well as technical problems and challenges. Additionally we take a closer look to qualifications, soft skills and competences.

User Interviews

IT is serving Business – not the other way round. The acceptance of users is very important. Their point of view is what counts and is most important! By one-on-one conversations and anonymous online surveys we are able to complete our overall impression and look at the situation from a different angle.

Inspection by experts

Because of the complexity of IT systems it is almost impossible for non-experts to evaluate your IT infrastructure correctly. Doing an inspection together with your IT staff will shed light into the dark. Is your company already working in accordance with best practice? Where could problems crop up?

System Assessment

In certain cases available information sources are not sufficient to evaluate the current situation. In this situation it can be helpful to let your systems be examined by an expert.

System validation

If it isn’t possible to make reliable statements based on available documentation it is necessary to add a current snapshot to the actual state analysis – and check it also on server side. Normally this can be made together with the administrator.


At the end of this process we generate a complete and easily understandable report for you. The HealthCheck report serves as a template for the preparation of an overall project plan (IT and non-IT) depending on management priorities, available resources and the long-term strategy of your company.